T-Flip – User Interface

In my third semester I took a class about Human-Centered Design and Interactive Systems. In that subject we created a user interface proposal for T-Flip.

T-Flip is a collaborative project by University of Agder, University of Stavanger, Noroff University College, and Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences. It aims to use modern development tools and concepts, to help students hand-in and get automatic feedback on assignments. (Home page, in Norwegian: http://tflip.uia.no/)

Deep Learning on Smart Glasses

This project was done as part of one of my subjects in my masters degree. It was given by the Center of Integrated Emergency Management (CIEM). CIEM is a multidisciplinary research center which conducts research in fields like networks, mobile devices, human-centered sensing, social media, decision support and much more. It is a top research priority at the University of Agder.

Text Editors For LanguageLab

This project is my bachelor’s thesis. It is written together with Thomas Fauskanger and finished May 2014. It is about creating textual editors for editing and creating programming languages, specifiably for the program LanguageLab. I have later (summer 2015) worked as a research assistant on the same project. The LanguageLab platform is now in use as a teaching tool at the universety.