Every Brain is Sacred

Every Brain is Sacred is the result of Global Game Jam 2015. The team and me won two prizes for this contribution. “Most innovating game” and “The code Skull”.
It is game is not officially published, but a demo can be found at the Global Game Jam home page.

This game was created during the annual Global Game Jam. GGJ is an event where you have 48 hours of creating a game, either a video or a board game. Every Brain is Sacred won the prize of “most innovating game” and “code skull

The game is not played as a normal mobile game, but rather with a combination of pen and paper, a mobile device with a camera, a computer with the game installed and some print outs. The idea is that a team of players have to draw the path the zombie can walk on while it is moving. The players have to collect brains for the zombie to have energy to move, and avoid traps and zombie killers. The further the zombie gets the more points you collect. To draw the ground the players have to draw a line on a piece of white paper and take a picture of it. The picture is then sent to the game and a ground is generated based on the drawing. Because there is no user input other than camera, we use the print outs to navigate in the menu.

A demo can be found at Global Game Jam: Every Brain is sacred

Screenshot 2015-01-25 15.08.36

Me and the team from GGJ 2015.
Me and the team from GGJ 2015. RECEIVING Code Skull PRIZE