Text Editors For LanguageLab

This project is my bachelor’s thesis. It is written together with Thomas Fauskanger and finished May 2014. It is about creating textual editors for editing and creating programming languages, specifiably for the program LanguageLab. I have later (summer 2015) worked as a research assistant on the same project. The LanguageLab platform is now in use as a teaching tool at the universety.


LanguageLab is a prototype platform for developing computer languages. It is
intended to be used for teaching purposes in courses about computer languages.
As of time of writing (May, 2014), it is missing some important features. In this report we will discuss
one of them, which is the textual language editor.
Our main focus in this project will be to implement this editor. In this project
we will present different ways to create a textual editor in LanguageLab, using
different techniques. Some of the editors where successfully implemented in
LanguageLab while others are still missing the last pieces. In our work we also
extended the LanguageLab platform, making it possible define syntax. This is
a step in the direction we want LanguageLab to take.

The full report: BachelorThesis_TextEditorsForLanguageLabF2