About me

12183732_10153051520591216_5561035018989436471_oI am a masters student at the Universety of Agder in Norway. I got my bachelor’s degree in computer engineering in 2014, and will have my MS degree in system development and data science by 2016. I have been programming since 2011. Beside working on my degrees, I have also participated in making some games with friends. We have participated in Global Game Jam and won most innovating game two years in a row.

I have worked with everything from GUI-design and app development to machine learning and data mining. I have therefore worked with a variety of languages: Java, Python, C#, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Angularjs, ASP.Net, SQL, C++, Visual Studio, Eclipse with EMF.

E-mail: post@guroodesneltvedt.no